Track Record

Rs. 188 Cr

Total Investments

Rs. 39 Cr

Total Returns Delivered


Defaulted Returns

2.7 Times

Avg. Investments/Investor

Why Asset & Inventory Financing is a Smart Choice?

High Predictable Returns

Monthly payments are pre-agreed with lessee and an NRI investor can earn 2-3x extra return over NRI FD & Savings

Strong Collateral

Upfront security deposit (10-20% of asset value) and the ability to recover, re-lease or sell assets to mitigate risk

Tax Free Investment

Monthly payments credited in investor’s bank account are tax-free. Investor doesn’t have to pay any tax

Low ticket size

Investors can start investing from Rs. 20,000 (minimum investment might change from asset to asset)



Liquidity option for investors to exit before end of asset life (WIP)

TAX FREE Investment

NRI Investor has no tax liability on payments received

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, NRI can invest in. At this point we would only be able to receive investment amount from NRO account and not NRE account. This is because of the different compliance obligations from RBI. In the future, we will be able to receive investments from either account.

For NRIs, a valid PAN and an Aadhaar Card are required. NRIs can use Passport if Aadhaar Card is not available.

For each investment to purchase and lease an asset, a Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the form of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is created in which investors contribute their funds. As an investor, you will become a Partner to this LLP and represent your investment. Your partnership stake in the LLP will represent the amount of investment made by you. SBNRI Partner assumes responsibility for oversight, reporting, and management of this SPV on behalf of the investors.

The cost associated with managing this SPV is already covered in the partner's fee.


a) We bring best investment options for NRIs to invest in and earn maximum and safe returns on their investments
b) Help with on-boarding queries, sign-up, KYC and any other issues pre / post investment
c) Our NRI investors will earn additional benefit from time-to-time on investing via us which won’t be directly available to them

SBNRI Partner

a) Responsible for due-diligence of assets that are listed
b) Management of LLP and timely payments to investors

Lessees / Corporates

a) Lessees are basically MNCs or large corporates who want to take assets / inventories on lease
b) They share their asset & inventory requirements, business details and other documents as maybe asked by SBNRI Partner

Lessor / NRI Investor

a) As an investor, you just have to sign-up; rest of the processes are managed by SBNRI and its Partner
b) Earn passive returns of 2-3x more than your NRI FD & Savings

We evaluate 3 major aspects before listing any asset of the lessee: a) Financials: Analysis of annual reports and MIS for previous 12-18 months to understand scale, growth of business, unit economics, profitability patterns, current cash position and outstanding debts and loans
b) Corporate Profile: Professional backgrounds of Founders & CXOs, shareholders, ongoing litigations as well as reference calls with key customers and other stakeholders
c) Business Performance: Review of key contracts, industry trends, asset and OEM quality to enable estimation of future performance for the lessee

Most of the time it will be monthly. However, it may vary from asset to asset and hence you are requested to check the Assets page for specific details.

Payments credited to investor’s bank account are tax-free.

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SBNRI is a distributor of Alternate Investment Funds (AIFs) offered by SEBI-registered funds. SBNRI is merely facilitating your investment by referring you to a fund manager and any assistance provided by SBNRI shall not be considered as advice / recommendation to invest in AIFs. The information contained on the SBNRI platform is intended to provide users with objective information about funds and is extracted from the factsheets, disclosures and other material supplied by the fund manager. SBNRI assumes no responsibility for any losses faced by users as a result of inaccuracy / incompleteness of the information. Investments through AIFs is subject to market risks and the names and historical returns of fund managers do not indicate its future prospects or returns in any manner. SBNRI does not intend to predict the success of any fund strategies and no assurance are given in this regard. You are advised to read the Disclosure Document related to the AIF and independently determine its suitability to your goals and investment objectives.