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Send money to India from Australia - SBNRI

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Which is the best app to send money from Australia to India?
What are the best apps to send money to India from Australia? The transfer providers who have the best mobile apps and transfer to India are Remitly, Skrill, Transferwise, WorldRemit, and CurrencyFair.

What is the best way to send money to India?
Below are some of the best ways of sending money to India.

  1. ACH transfer.
  2. Wise.
  3. Money orders.
  4. Remitly.
  5. Wire transfer.
  7. MoneyGram.
  8. Western Union.

Can I send money from Australia to India using Google Pay?
Open the Google Pay app . Search for the contact in India or Singapore you want to send money to. Tap Pay. Select Western Union or Wise.

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To calculate the total cost of your transfer, we compare the exchange rate every provider applies to your transactions with the latest mid-market exchange rate data that we source from XE.

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